American’s are embracing ‘tiny’ as the movement continues to sweep the nation

Big isn’t better to millions of trailblazing Americans The new FYI channel recently debuted a new series called Tiny House Nation. It’s based on the swelling movement that’s becoming huge. Folks, sick of being held hostage by hefty mortgages on big homes that are emotionally cramping their style, are moving from 12,000 square feet into […]

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Well, it seems the fever has finally broken and the home improvement moratorium is lifting. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with an improved economy. It’s we individual American’s who are getting better…and smarter. In the lean drought years we were forced to reprioritize everything. To do so we needed more information we could […]

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The Difference Between Just Decorating & Actually Creating A Lifestyle Is The Difference Between A house ‘They’ Look At & A Home You Can Actually Live In!

I know from experience that for a home to really work on every level the most important question has to be answered first… HOW WILL YOU ACTUALLY LIVE HERE PRIVATELY WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS WATCHING? You’d be surprised how hard that question is to answer truthfully. After a few attempts, I usually get a […]

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Think Texture Versus Pattern

The great interiors that endure the test of time are those layered with texture versus littered with prints. I have nothing against prints—love them actually.  But prints are like cars; the minute you drive them off the lot they de-valuate and the “sell by” meter starts ticking.  While prints have attitude, energy and personality, they […]

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Welcome to the Age of Individualized Digital Décor

While the economy will never be what it was…EVER…many Americans are finding a new equilibrium.  Seems it’s okay to have the $4.00 Starbucks again. Paint swatches are starting to disappear from hardware store racks even though the power tools are collecting dust.  Carefully curated boutique consignment stores are now more prevalent in small towns than […]

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Holiday Company Is Coming

  If you’re like me, now’s the time when you start thinking about overnight company. You wander back to the rarely used guest room, flip on the switch and realize that between now and New Year’s chances are someone’s going to end up there. First, there are the out-of-staters that at least can be planned […]

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You and Me and You Tube Makes Three

Over the past year we’ve been redesigning our website for greater mobile and on-demand use.  We’ve also added new features like the Lowell Loot and the Lowell Report that gives you two new fun, interactive platforms to quickly check out things we think are interesting in both lifestyle news and available products you might enjoy […]

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We’ve Been Busy!

Hi Everyone, I haven’t dropped off the planet. You haven’t heard from us for a while because we’ve been adding a new user-friendly look to our web site.  Now you can easily enjoy our content on your mobile devices, making it much easier to check in with us while you’re on the go. While we’re […]

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The New Today Show Set: How much orange is too much?

  I suppose in an attempt to boost ratings the Today Show sunk millions into a new set.  Most of it was probably spent on technology and unions in NYC but the debut I must say for me was a bit underwhelming.  In an attempt to ‘warm up’ the feel of the show they took […]

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Design Student Asks A Professional Some Compelling Questions

As is very much a part of my life, I’m often asked by design students all over the globe for advice. I so love that they take their subject matter seriously and the initiative to ferret me out through our website to get real advice from real designers.   As is so often the case, design […]

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